ML 3D Dual Camera Product Information

When you look to camera speed or accuracy, we’re up to 5 x faster than some of the popular cycling motion capture or bikefitting systems on the market. What speed brings you is incredibly precise data to help you do your work as you should, with no compromise. Use your system where you need to, without the worry of compromised environment limitations like sunlight or not enough space. Synchronization with other fit tools like multiple 2D video capture sources are already included in the system and with the starting price of our single camera system at approximately half the price of competitor systems, it’s hard to beat. Add in a second camera and see MotionLogic3D come to life to give you even more information. There is no other bikefitting system on the market that does so much for so little. Give your customer the best experience.

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Easy to Use Software

MotionLogic3D is all about connectivity. We make it easy to connect devices. Video, force data, pressure data.

Easy to use and manage software helps you do your smooth and efficient.

  • Easy to use customer management.
  • Automatic camera calibration.
  • Auto-leveling to setup your workspace quickly.

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Customer Relationship Management

Browser based management of your customer information allows you to work more efficiently with your customers.

MotionLogic 3D Bike Fit Systems motion capture technology offers the highest data quality and metrics specific to cycling available. We simplify the bike fit process for the customer and make the work more efficient for the bike fitter. Objective data drives good decisions for the bike fitter regardless of the level of expertise.

What this means for your customer is confidence knowing the data is easily understandable for them to follow during the process and the data they receive following their visit is relevant to them. Bike measurements, an overview of a functional assessment, perhaps suggestions on a new bike. It’s all there.

  • Cycling Analysis Reports.
  • Functional Assessment Reports.
  • Bike Measurement Reporting.

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ML3D Up Close

Dual 3D Bike Fit utilises a proprietary high-performance camera and 16 marker Active LED marker set - developed to work in almost any environment - delivers live rider data at 100 frames per second and averaged over a number of pedal revolutions to smooth the data for better live viewing. Our live metrics are grouped into the following categories:

  • Angular Metrics provide: current, range, min, max and average for each joint.
  • Angular Joint motion: range, min, max and average figures for joint oscillation
  • Alignment: ML3D provides you with average values for all critical relationships
  • Anthropometry: body segment lengths
  • Performance Metrics: Currently we provide the advanced pedaling metrics of the Powertap P1 Pedal powermeter 
  • Plug in additional video cameras and our software will synchronize all additional sources to the 3D bike fit system. Switch between these views to visualize and assess movement quality and posture all from the computer to better discuss the bike fit process with your customer.
  • A high precision 3D measurement probe to digitally record bikes.
  • Measures left power, right power and more.

Preview of the MotionLogic 3D bike fit system measuring process. Originally the short video was only pieced together for our dealers to see how easy and fast it is to measure the bike in a few clicks with our 3D measurement probe.

  • digital measurement precision
  • data archived immediately
  • compare bike measurement to over 8000 bikes from the ML3D bikefinder database in a couple clicks

real time 3D - MotionLogic 3D bike fit system

A real time, dual sided 3D motion capture bike fit system. We've created a system that is not only high precision and high speed but a system that you can truly afford. Value for you in your bike shop or fit studio, and easy to follow for you and your customer!


We can fit and work effectively in the smallest of working spaces. 1.5 to 1.8 meters is our minimum requirement. You can mount our cameras out of the way on the ceiling and they simply work as long as the marker set is visible to the camera, we've got you covered. Many motion capture systems in the market today require double the space. There is no need for you to give up valuable retail floor space.

System Stability

We've taken great care in the development of the MotionLogic3D system. The system stability is second to none. Need to use your system in unpredictable locations? Lighting issues in your location? Too bright? Too dark? Don't worry, our technology has your covered.


Need speed? How's 3 degrees at 100 rpm in angular resolution? Some of the other solutions on the market at the same speed/cadence measure at about every 43 degrees.

Complete Solutions

We offer over 9000 bike models in our bike database for your customers and we're updating constantly. Finish the fit session with your customer and show them the bikes that suit their needs and desires!