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Bike Fit is often about relationships with your customers

Bike Fit keeps your relevant in a changing retail environment and using bike fit, give you a service-driven focus as the way people shop shift to the internet. Bike fit keeps people coming through your doors and the technology you choose to help your customers becomes important in helping make your bike fit service consistent and a positive experience for your customers.

The business argument is simple when you have the focused attention of a customer in front of you. Bike Fitting can be one of the highest margin makers for a store. You have the undivided attention of your customer for the duration and they have come to you for your expertise and opinion. This is the opportunity to turn your expertise into additional sales of the traditional bike fit parts and also other add-on accessories, service driven work or help show a customer down the road for their potential new dream bike.

Investing in Bike Fit is investing in the future of your bike store as well as show your customers you're serious about their cycling passion. Your customers are better informed and understand bike fit as it's benefits are well documented. Chances are when a customer has booked a fit session in your store, they have already done the research and have a positive experience already programmed. Let our 3D fit system help you with that overall experience and keep the customer coming back for your expertise and away from shopping on the internet.

We have placed a focus on a dynamically driven focus in our products as we do not see the consistency of the output with statically driven bike fit methods. The focus on the movement of the customer on the bike is the focused attention on their individual needs. Our training that goes along with our tools provides you the expertise to get started quickly.

Our MotionLogic 3D bike fit pro system will have your customers in awe

Using our professional 3D Motion capture bike fit system and our training, you'll see how quickly you and your staff become confident in the system workflow and establish your store as fit experts.

Why use a 3D bike fit system and why use our dual-sided 3D system? Because 3D provides the metrics of lateral rider movement at the knee, hip and shoulder, add to this, ankle rotation and movement that are difficult to assess with the naked eye (our eyes see at a very low frame rate and we have no replay button that you can share) and certainly very difficult to see with only a 2D video based system. Our active marker based bike fit system picks up on the rider's angular and lateral movement in real time meaning you can share this and explain this directly to the customer while you work and certainly you eliminate the need of time-consuming drawing on the screen. Now, add our dual system to the equation, and you have a system with total power to see, visual, and analyze the entire body at one time and not just one side at a time. All for the price of most single-sided systems in the market.

There are many bike fit systems in the market to choose from without question but choosing the right system helps your workflow and helps your customer experience with the right balance of information. Spend time with your customer instead of hiding behind the computer.