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The high performance 3D bike fit system that every bike fitter and shop can not afford to be without.

Single Camera System


High speed single sided motion capture system

  • Single-sided 3D bike fit measurement. The best true single sided 3D bike fit system on the market
  • Add up to two video sources to synchronize with your fit system
  • 8 marker Active LED marker set - developed to work in almost any environment
  • A high precision 3D measurement probe to digitally record bikes.
  • Measures left power, right power and more.
Bike fit is our passion, we love making the tools that help make bike your passion and expertise also.

MotionLogic 3D Bike Fit System Highlights

Questions and answers

1We have a small shop. Can your system help us out?
Our MotionLogic 3D Bike Fit System in our single camera bike fit option can work in a space 2 meters from the bike. Our dual camera 3D bike fit system can work in a space as small as 4m wide. We also handle ambient lighting conditions with ease. Where most systems struggle with less than ideal lighting conditions, our system works almost everywhere.
2Do you provide training?
We offer training to all of our dealers at different levels. At the basic level, every dealer is welcome to a day of training on how to use the MotionLogic 3D system with CycleFit.de, our premier global partner. The world tour cycling experience, insight and success with world tour cycling athletes and teams as well as thousands of triathletes from every level is invaluable to helping transfer over high-performance success with the quality training you seek.
3We're a bike brand, we're interested in providing you our bike data geometry. How?
Sending us your bike geometry in an excel, csv, or tab format with the minimum following information: Brand, Model, Model Year(especially if you would like to provide multiple years) BikeCategory (MTB/ROAD/TT), frame stack, frame reach, head tube angle, PLUS any extra you like to provide as this also helps the detail we provide your potential customers. Even better when you provide us with us with imagery of your bike models for the best customer experience.


Total control of your bike fit system. Get up to speed and start using the future of bike fit right now.

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Why it's worth to choose the MotionLogic 3D Bike Fit System?

We live and breathe bike fit. Our passion is your success. We are here to help you, the bike shop or bike fit studio, work more efficiently and provide your customer with the best experience and information possible. We are not affiliated with a big brand and remain completely brand agnostic.